sjoin(left_df, right_df[, how, op, lsuffix, …])

Spatial join of two GeoDataFrames.

overlay(df1, df2[, how, keep_geom_type, …])

Perform spatial overlay between two GeoDataFrames.

clip(gdf, mask[, keep_geom_type])

Clip points, lines, or polygon geometries to the mask extent.

tools.geocode(strings[, provider])

Geocode a set of strings and get a GeoDataFrame of the resulting points.

tools.reverse_geocode(points[, provider])

Reverse geocode a set of points and get a GeoDataFrame of the resulting addresses.

tools.collect(x[, multi])

Collect single part geometries into their Multi* counterpart

points_from_xy(x, y[, z, crs])

Generate GeometryArray of shapely Point geometries from x, y(, z) coordinates.


Built-in mutable sequence.


Get the path to the data file.