GeoPandas 0.8.0

GeoPandas is an open source project to make working with geospatial data in python easier. GeoPandas extends the datatypes used by pandas to allow spatial operations on geometric types. Geometric operations are performed by shapely. Geopandas further depends on fiona for file access and descartes and matplotlib for plotting.


The goal of GeoPandas is to make working with geospatial data in python easier. It combines the capabilities of pandas and shapely, providing geospatial operations in pandas and a high-level interface to multiple geometries to shapely. GeoPandas enables you to easily do operations in python that would otherwise require a spatial database such as PostGIS.

Getting Started

Get in touch

  • Ask usage questions (“How do I?”) on StackOverflow or GIS StackExchange.

  • Report bugs, suggest features or view the source code on GitHub.

  • For a quick question about a bug report or feature request, or Pull Request, head over to the gitter channel.

  • For less well defined questions or ideas, or to announce other projects of interest to GeoPandas users, … use the mailing list.

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