GeoSeries.explore(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Interactive map based on folium/leaflet.jsInteractive map based on GeoPandas and folium/leaflet.js

Generate an interactive leaflet map based on GeoSeries

colorstr, array-like (default None)

Named color or a list-like of colors (named or hex).

mfolium.Map (default None)

Existing map instance on which to draw the plot.

tilesstr, xyzservices.TileProvider (default ‘OpenStreetMap Mapnik’)

Map tileset to use. Can choose from the list supported by folium, query a xyzservices.TileProvider by a name from xyzservices.providers, pass xyzservices.TileProvider object or pass custom XYZ URL. The current list of built-in providers (when xyzservices is not available):

["OpenStreetMap", "CartoDB positron", “CartoDB dark_matter"]

You can pass a custom tileset to Folium by passing a Leaflet-style URL to the tiles parameter: http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png. Be sure to check their terms and conditions and to provide attribution with the attr keyword.

attrstr (default None)

Map tile attribution; only required if passing custom tile URL.

highlightbool (default True)

Enable highlight functionality when hovering over a geometry.

widthpixel int or percentage string (default: ‘100%’)

Width of the folium Map. If the argument m is given explicitly, width is ignored.

heightpixel int or percentage string (default: ‘100%’)

Height of the folium Map. If the argument m is given explicitly, height is ignored.

control_scalebool, (default True)

Whether to add a control scale on the map.

marker_typestr, folium.Circle, folium.CircleMarker, folium.Marker (default None)

Allowed string options are (‘marker’, ‘circle’, ‘circle_marker’). Defaults to folium.Marker.

marker_kwds: dict (default {})

Additional keywords to be passed to the selected marker_type, e.g.:


Radius of the circle, in meters (for 'circle') or pixels (for circle_marker).

the object to use to render the marker.

draggablebool (default False)

Set to True to be able to drag the marker around the map.

style_kwdsdict (default {})

Additional style to be passed to folium style_function:

strokebool (default True)

Whether to draw stroke along the path. Set it to False to disable borders on polygons or circles.


Stroke color


Stroke width in pixels

opacityfloat (default 1.0)

Stroke opacity

fillboolean (default True)

Whether to fill the path with color. Set it to False to disable filling on polygons or circles.


Fill color. Defaults to the value of the color option

fillOpacityfloat (default 0.5)

Fill opacity.


Function mapping a GeoJson Feature to a style dict.


lambda x: {"color":"red" if x["properties"]["gdp_md_est"]<10**6
                             else "blue"}

Plus all supported by folium.vector_layers.path_options(). See the documentation of folium.features.GeoJson for details.

highlight_kwdsdict (default {})

Style to be passed to folium highlight_function. Uses the same keywords as style_kwds. When empty, defaults to {"fillOpacity": 0.75}.

map_kwdsdict (default {})

Additional keywords to be passed to folium Map, e.g. dragging, or scrollWheelZoom.


Additional options to be passed on to the folium.


folium Map instance