GeoSeries.plot(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot a GeoSeries.

Generate a plot of a GeoSeries geometry with matplotlib.


The GeoSeries to be plotted. Currently Polygon, MultiPolygon, LineString, MultiLineString, Point and MultiPoint geometries can be plotted.

cmapstr (default None)

The name of a colormap recognized by matplotlib. Any colormap will work, but categorical colormaps are generally recommended. Examples of useful discrete colormaps include:

tab10, tab20, Accent, Dark2, Paired, Pastel1, Set1, Set2

colorstr, np.array, pd.Series, List (default None)

If specified, all objects will be colored uniformly.

axmatplotlib.pyplot.Artist (default None)

axes on which to draw the plot

figsizepair of floats (default None)

Size of the resulting matplotlib.figure.Figure. If the argument ax is given explicitly, figsize is ignored.

aspect‘auto’, ‘equal’, None or float (default ‘auto’)

Set aspect of axis. If ‘auto’, the default aspect for map plots is ‘equal’; if however data are not projected (coordinates are long/lat), the aspect is by default set to 1/cos(s_y * pi/180) with s_y the y coordinate of the middle of the GeoSeries (the mean of the y range of bounding box) so that a long/lat square appears square in the middle of the plot. This implies an Equirectangular projection. If None, the aspect of ax won’t be changed. It can also be set manually (float) as the ratio of y-unit to x-unit.


Color options to be passed on to the actual plot function, such as edgecolor, facecolor, linewidth, markersize, alpha.

axmatplotlib axes instance