, provider=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Geocode a set of strings and get a GeoDataFrame of the resulting points.

stringslist or Series of addresses to geocode
providerstr or geopy.geocoder

Specifies geocoding service to use. If none is provided, will use ‘photon’ (see the Photon’s terms of service at:

Either the string name used by geopy (as specified in geopy.geocoders.SERVICE_TO_GEOCODER) or a geopy Geocoder instance (e.g., geopy.geocoders.Photon) may be used.

Some providers require additional arguments such as access keys See each geocoder’s specific parameters in geopy.geocoders


Ensure proper use of the results by consulting the Terms of Service for your provider.

Geocoding requires geopy. Install it using ‘pip install geopy’. See also geopy/geopy


>>> df =  
...         ["boston, ma", "1600 pennsylvania ave. washington, dc"]
...     )
>>> df  
                    geometry                                            address
0  POINT (-71.05863 42.35899)                          Boston, MA, United States
1  POINT (-77.03651 38.89766)  1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006...