geopandas.testing.assert_geodataframe_equal(left, right, check_dtype=True, check_index_type='equiv', check_column_type='equiv', check_frame_type=True, check_like=False, check_less_precise=False, check_geom_type=False, check_crs=True, normalize=False)[source]#

Check that two GeoDataFrames are equal/

left, righttwo GeoDataFrames
check_dtypebool, default True

Whether to check the DataFrame dtype is identical.

check_index_type, check_column_typebool, default ‘equiv’

Check that index types are equal.

check_frame_typebool, default True

Check that both are same type (and are GeoDataFrames). If False, will attempt to convert both into GeoDataFrame.

check_likebool, default False

If true, ignore the order of rows & columns

check_less_precisebool, default False

If True, use geom_equals_exact. if False, use geom_equals.

check_geom_typebool, default False

If True, check that all the geom types are equal.

check_crs: bool, default True

If check_frame_type is True, then also check that the crs matches.

normalize: bool, default False

If True, normalize the geometries before comparing equality. Typically useful with check_less_precise=True, which uses geom_equals_exact and requires exact coordinate order.