classmethod GeoSeries.from_file(filename, **kwargs)[source]#

Alternate constructor to create a GeoSeries from a file.

Can load a GeoSeries from a file from any format recognized by fiona. See for details. From a file with attributes loads only geometry column. Note that to do that, GeoPandas first loads the whole GeoDataFrame.


File path or file handle to read from. Depending on which kwargs are included, the content of filename may vary. See for usage details.

kwargskey-word arguments

These arguments are passed to, and can be used to access multi-layer data, data stored within archives (zip files), etc.

See also


read file to GeoDataFrame


>>> import geodatasets
>>> path = geodatasets.get_path('nybb')
>>> s = geopandas.GeoSeries.from_file(path)
>>> s
0    MULTIPOLYGON (((970217.022 145643.332, 970227....
1    MULTIPOLYGON (((1029606.077 156073.814, 102957...
2    MULTIPOLYGON (((1021176.479 151374.797, 102100...
3    MULTIPOLYGON (((981219.056 188655.316, 980940....
4    MULTIPOLYGON (((1012821.806 229228.265, 101278...
Name: geometry, dtype: geometry