classmethod GeoSeries.from_wkt(data, index=None, crs=None, on_invalid='raise', **kwargs)[source]#

Alternate constructor to create a GeoSeries from a list or array of WKT objects

dataarray-like, Series

Series, list, or array of WKT objects

indexarray-like or Index

The index for the GeoSeries.

crsvalue, optional

Coordinate Reference System of the geometry objects. Can be anything accepted by pyproj.CRS.from_user_input(), such as an authority string (eg “EPSG:4326”) or a WKT string.

on_invalid{“raise”, “warn”, “ignore”}, default “raise”
  • raise: an exception will be raised if a WKT input geometry is invalid.

  • warn: a warning will be raised and invalid WKT geometries will be returned as None.

  • ignore: invalid WKT geometries will be returned as None without a warning.


Additional arguments passed to the Series constructor, e.g. name.



>>> wkts = [
... 'POINT (1 1)',
... 'POINT (2 2)',
... 'POINT (3 3)',
... ]
>>> s = geopandas.GeoSeries.from_wkt(wkts)
>>> s
0    POINT (1 1)
1    POINT (2 2)
2    POINT (3 3)
dtype: geometry